Ankit Sajwan

Pastor Ankit Sajwan was born in a Hindu family and was saved through a radical encounter at the age of 19 when Lord Jesus healed him and pulled him out of his bed of sickness. In 2013, the Lord called him into full-time ministry and this year marks the 10th anniversary of FOLJ Church that was born out of that Faith Journey. He has been married to Monika his wife since past 11 years and they have 3 beautiful kids, the eldest is Eliana, then Amaya and God recently blessed them with their youngest Judah.


Pastor Ankit’s heart burns with the fire of the love of God and His teachings and life proclaim that God is a Good Father. His vision is to raise up a generation of Sons and Daughters of God who love Him with all their heart.


Along with being a loving mother to her three children Eliana, Amaya and Judah, a submitted wife to Pastor Ankit, Pastor Monika is also a humble, genuine and warm leader to the FOLJ Church. Her desire to build people around her and watch them grow is a treasure that all who are a part of this family, acknowledge and admire.

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