When you sign up for this school, you can expect to Learn:

– Overcoming Defeat and fear of Failure and to Cultivate a Victorious Mindset
– Overcoming the lies of the Enemy and living in the Life-giving Truth of God
– Changing destructive habits & thought patterns into Constructive habits
– Overcoming Anxiety & Depression and living a depression free life
– Overcoming Guilt & Condemnation and living with a clean conscience in Christ
– Creating a future full of Hope in Christ

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Q.) I don’t live in Delhi, how can I attend the School?

A.) Since it’s an Online school, it can be accessed by anyone. All classes will be on zoom.

Q.) What if I miss a class?

A.) All sessions will be recorded & can be watched later by registered students. 

Q.) Will the sessions be in English or Hindi?

A.) All sessions will be in English only.

Q.) When will the School start? How many sessions and what will be the timing?

A.) Mental Health & Relationships sessions will start from the 17th of August 2020.

There are 9 sessions in total, i.e 2 sessions every week (4 1/2 weeks in total)

Mondays & Fridays (7:00 PM – 9:00 PM)

Q.) What is the course fee?

A.) The course fee is 3000 rupees per applicant.

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